Texture & Treatments

Every day use of hot tools, over-processing and environmental factors can all cause damage to our hair. As the foremost experts on hair rejuvenation in Sedalia, we know the transformative and healing powers of specialized treatments. In just one session, you will be able to see and feel the difference in the health of your hair. No matter the hair type or concern, we offer a variety of conditioning services to accommodate our clients.

Hair Extensions & Texture

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4A
HOT HEADS hair extensions per hour$65+$65+$65+$65+$65+
Permanent Waves$50+$50+$50+$50+$50+
Smoothing Treatment$150+$150+$150+$150+$150+
Shine Treatment$15+$15+$15+$15+$15+
Conditioning Treatment7+7+7+7+7+
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